Mr. Pinaki Satpathy

Designation : Assistant Professor

Phone No. : 03224-250900 Extn:302
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Faculty Room-7, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Haldia Institute of Technology, ICARE Complex, Hatiberia, Haldia, West Bengal, 721657


M.Tech, MAKAUT (Formerly WBUT)







Other Skills:

  • Teaching:  8 years
  • Research:  NA
  • Industry:  NA


Course Taught
Digital System Design (EC-302)

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Areas of Research

Digital Microfludic Biochip, Digital VLSI Design,Embedded Systems.

Membership of Professional Bodies
  1. Associate Member of Universal Association of Computer and Electronics Engineers (UACEE) (Membership ID: AM10100057862)
  2. International Association of Engineers (IAENG) (Membership ID: 168259)
  3. The society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC) (Membership ID: 14497)



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