Prof. (Dr.) Kisalaya Chakrabarti

Designation : Professor

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University of Tsukuba (Japan)

University of Calcutta





MathCad, Matlab, Labview, FDTD simulations

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  • Teaching:  12
  • Research:  5
  • Industry:  NA


Course Taught
Areas of Research

Computational electromagnetics, Optics and photonics,Mathematical Programming, Antennas and Propagation

Membership of Professional Bodies
  1. Life Fellow; Optical Society of India. Member Code: L335 since 2005.


  1. IEEE Member/Customer Number: 92716210 (Senior Member, IEEE) from 19th October, 2013.



Kisalaya Chakrabarti, Mitsuharu Shiwa “ Simulation Study of Strains Obtained by Two Different Scattering Processes in Optical Fiber Sensors” International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Vol. 4, Issue. 10, pp.01-09, October 2016.


Rudra Prasad Bose, Kisalaya Chakrabarti “ A Density Functional Study of Au Clusters Adsorbed on Si(001): Formation of Cluster Lattice and a Transition From Non-Metallicity to Metallicity” International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Vol. 4, Issue. 6, pp.54-62 , June 2016.


Pranab Kanti Roy, Kisalaya Chakrabarti “Heat transfer and friction characteristics of artificially roughened solar air heater duct: A review” Asian Journal of Science and Technology,Vol. 4, Issue 07, pp.045-056, July, 2013.


James B. Cole, Kisalaya Chakrabarti “Image Recovery by Backward Iteration of the Non-Standard Finite Difference Time Domain Algorithm” Optical Review, Volume 18, Number 1, pp. 149-152, 2011.


Kisalaya Chakrabarti, James B. Cole “Simulation study on the detection of size, shape and position of three different scatterers using Non-standard time domain time inverse Maxwell’s algorithm” Optics Express , Vol. 18, No. 5, pp. 4148-4157,2010.



Kisalaya Chakrabarti “Comparative study of Strains measured by two different sensors from an Aluminum – optical fiber specimen when it was put into Stress free and tensile Stress environment” in National Seminar Smart Technology for Social Development at Camellia Institute of Technology sponsored by Commission for Scientific & Technical Terminology, MHRD, Government of India, December 19-20,2017.


Abhishek Banerjee, Dharampal Singh, Parag Chatterjee, Kisalaya Chakrabarti ”Role of the Engineering in the Development of Smart City of Emerging India” in 45th ISTE Annual National Convention & International Conference , Amaravati, India, January 9-11,2016.


Kisalaya Chakrabarti, Mitsuharu Shiwa “Comparisons between Experimental and Simulation Values of Strains by Rayleigh scattering Process using Optical Fiber Sensors” in “Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection (JSNDI) Conference” Naha, Japan March 15-17, 2015.


Kisalaya Chakrabarti, James B. Cole “A Non- Destructive Investigation of Irregularities Using Non-Standard Time Domain Time Inverse Algorithm” in Asian Pacific Conference on NonDestructive Testing (APCNDT 2013), Nov 18-22, Mumbai, India.


Sourav Nandi, Kisalaya Chakrabarti, Sk. Nurul Islam, Suvankar Tripathy and S. Sankaralingam “Compact Broadband Microstrip Antenna for Dual Band Operation” in RTCT 2013, The University of Burdwan,22 MARCH, 2013.


Kisalaya Chakrabarti, James B. Cole “Simulation study on the effect of back scattered noise from detectors on the quality of medical images using Non-Standard Time Domain Time Inverse Algorithm” in “ODF’10, Yokohama” April 19-21, 2010.


Kisalaya Chakrabarti, James B. Cole “Simulation study of photonics crystals using a high accuracy FDTD Algorithm based on Non-Standard Finite Differences” in the 15th Microoptics Conference (MOC 2009) Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.


James B. Cole , Dong Zhu , Kisalaya Chakrabarti , and Saswatee Banerjee “Reflection Spectrum of a Finite Dielectric Layered Structure with Subwavelength Features” Technical Digest of 5th International Conference on Optics-photonics Design & Fabrication,Pp-7PS2-07, “ODF '06, Nara” December 6-8, 2006


Guided Projects B.Tech/ M.Tech/ Ph.D







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Sponsored Projects/Grants

Worked as a Post Doctoral Researcher in the department of Non-destructive Evaluation in National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan in the COI (Centre of Innovation) Project from April 2014-March 2015 (1 year).

For seven months I have worked on  (Sep2014-March2015) NIMS in house project named as CE0007.