Mr. Santanu Maity

Designation : Assistant Professor

Phone No. : 03224-250900 Extn:230
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Contact Details : 

Faculty Room-3, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Haldia Institute of Technology, ICARE Complex, Hatiberia, Haldia, West Bengal, 721657


M.Tech, MAKAUT (Formerly WBUT)

B.Tech, BPUT, Orissa





Xilinx, Tanner EDA, Lab View

Other Skills:

  • Teaching:  5 years Teaching experience
  • Research:  NA
  • Industry:  2 years Industry experience


Course Taught

Odd Semester

Analog Electronics (EC-304)

Course Home

Analog Electronics Lab (EC-394)

Course Home

Even Semester

Basic Electrical and Electronics engg.-II (ES-201)

Course Home

Organisational Behaviour (HU-801A)

Course Home

Design Lab (EC-881)

Course Home

Areas of Research

Microelectronics and VLSI Design

Membership of Professional Bodies



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Aditya Kumar Singh, Santanu Maity, Bishnu Prasad De," Design and Comparison of Multipliers using different  Logic Styles",International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE),ISSN:2231-2307, Volume:02,Issue:02,May2012.


Suhel Ranjan Mondal, Monalisa Bhowmick,Santanu Maity, Razia Sultana,"Comparative  analysis and study on 4-bit  RCA and CSA using CMOS logic", International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE),ISSN:2231-2307,Volume:04,Issue:06,January2015.


Monalisa Bhowmick, Suhel Ranjan Mondal,Razia Sultana,Santanu Maity,Surajeet Mukherjee,"High Performance Carry Skip Adder using Reversible logic", Internatinal Journal of  VLSI and Embedded System (IJVES),ISSN:2249-6556,Article-12521,January2015.


Ananya Maiti,Koustav Chakraborty,Razia Sultana, Santanu Maity,"Design and Implementation of 4bit Vedic Multiplier", International Journal of Emerging in Science and Technolog(IJEST),ISSN:2348-9480,Volume:03,Issue:05,pp:3865-3868,May2016.


Koustav Chakraborty,Ananya Maity, Santanu Maity,Razia Sultana, "Design and Implementation of High-Speed, Low-Power Multipliers using Reversible Logic", International Journal of Emerging in Science and Technology(IJEST),ISSN:2348-9480,Volume:03,Issue:05,pp:3859-3864,May2016.



Anup Kumar, Santanu Maity,"Image Coding and Compression using Wavelet Technology", National Seminar in Communication and Signal Processing (NSCSP-12), October2012.


Santanu Maity, Pradipta Maiti,"Analysis and Processing of Image using Image Processing Technology", National Seminar in Communication and Signal Processing (NSCSP-12), October 2012.


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