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As the name suggests it is very beginning part in the practical area for all engineering disciplines. According to the syllabus prescribed by MAKAUT 1st & 2nd semester students get familiar with basic components of analog and digital electronics. They gather knowledge by the observation of actual behavior of electronic components. Ten numbers of equal timing slots in a week are available where 60 students can perform experiment at a time with 15 no of experimental setup in equal batch sizes. Several no of faculties and instructors/demonstrators associated with this lab continuously look over to assist students with full enthusiasm.

Major instruments used here are listed below:

  1. Analog/ Digital Trainer kit
  2. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
  3. Function Generator
  4. Digital Multimeter
  5. Digital Ammeter

List of experiments for the 1st semester:

  1. Familiarization with Electronic Components such as Resistors, Inductors, capacitors, Diodes, Transistors etc. and Electrical Devices such as DC power supplies, multimeters, trainer kits etc.
  2. Familiarization with measuring and testing equipment like CRO, Signal generators etc.
  3. Study on I-V characteristics of Junction Diode.
  4. Study on I-V characteristics of Zener Diode.
  5. Study on Half-wave and Full-wave Rectifiers.
  6. Study on characteristics of BJTs.

List of Experiments for the 2nd semester:

  1. Study of I-V characteristics of Field Effect Transistors
  2. Determination of input-offset voltage, input bias current and Slew rate of OPAMPs.
  3. Determination of Common-mode Rejection ratio, Bandwidth and Off-set null of OPAMPs.
  4. Study of OPAMP circuits: Inverting and Non-inverting amplifiers, Adders, Integrators and Differentiators.
  5. Study of Logic Gates and realization of Boolean functions using Logic Gates.
  6. Study of Characteristic curves for CB, CE and CC mode transistors.



Placement of 2017-2021 Batch
(as on 04th January, 2021)

  • CTS: 37
  • Infosys: 22
  • Wipro: 21
  • TCS: 20
  • Abzooba: 2
  • OTHERS: 20

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